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i fucking HATE IMMATURE EX's, that are obviously not over you for some odd reason, and try to rub their pathetic lives in your face! ther new gf, their happiness..blah blah blah

they should know that i obviously dont give a shit about them anymore or what their doin with their miserable lives

they need to accept what happened and stop tryin to get under my skin, cuz its pointless. i quite frankly could give a fuck.



for the first time in a lone time, I think im actually happy!

aside from realizing im gonna be stuck at gavilan for another 2 years! i think its safe to say things are changing for the better.

im going to enjoy life more and not worry and about pointless bullshit and drama, its not worth it.

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GRR!! i am durnk it is such a godamn hassle to take off makeup uop===when your drunk!! wrf@!!!!! its helal retarted m procatristinat in taking off my waterproof ,makeup! lasmeee jaha i saw that alot now awatys laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame H!!!!

fuck super bowl dunsamds!!!!